You find us in the southeast  of Lappland, just beside the beautiful river Vindelälven, in the district of Lycksele.


It`s only a 25 min drive to Lycksele, the nearest city.

If you want to get to Umeå it`s 150 km. Skellefteå 120 km, Ammarnäs 190 km

You can easily get to Rusksele as well by bus.

From Stockholm to Lycksele it`s an 80 min. flight.

And if you`re in to computers, this will interest you - we`ve got high speed connected internet.



We´ve also got a districtnurse comming once a week.


If you´re in to computers, this will interest you - we´ve got high speed conected internet.

A food grocery store, gasstation and a lunch restaurant are also part of the avaliable service.

The village has an enterpricing spirit. Companies in different lines of business.

A lot of people also get their income through the local district home-help service.


But the best thing we have to offer is the nearness to nature.

Also worth mentioning is the unspoiled river Vindeälven, floting through the village.It´s almust one of it´s kind left in Sweden. Untouched so to speak.

Still natural.


Du kan även gå in på http://www.rusksele.se/